Star Wars Standard Stormtrooper Armor

Star Wars Standard Stormtrooper Armor
Model: Standard Stormtrooper Armor
Type: Military Armor
Scale: role
Cost: Not for sale
Availability: 3,X

Armor protection: +2D physical, +1D energy, -1D agility and related skills.
Comlink: Tongue-activated helmet comlink.
Sealed Body Gloves: Climate controlled body gloves and respirator masks for operation in harsh environments.
MFTAS: Multi-Frequency Target Acquisition System; adds +2D to Perception checks in low visibility situations, +2D to ranged weapon skills against targets moving more than 10 meters per round. Polarized lenses prevent flash blindness.
Utility Belt: High voltage cord, grappling hook, spare blaster power pack, ion flare, concentrated rations, spare communicator, water pack, 2 medical kits.

Background: Stormtrooper armor was developed by the Imperial Military Research Department and is the standard armor for Imperial Army Stormtroopers, manufactured on planets such as Gilvanin. It was designed to replace the Phase II Clone Trooper armor and consisted of 18 individual plasmid composite panels and synthetic leather boots. This armor protects the wearer from blaster bolts and provides mobility and energy dispersion. The armor adapts to different body types and uses a gentle click to indicate whether it is properly connected. The helmet integrates communication links, filtering systems and vision processors, and is also equipped with a heads-up display and motion sensors. Utility belts and pauldrons come equipped with various functions and tools. Stormtrooper armor is adapted to extreme environments like deserts, forests, icy wastelands and the vacuum of space. A color-coded pauldron worn on the right shoulder indicates the soldier's rank. Despite the armor's protection, it does not always fully protect the wearer. Stormtroopers rated its quality and protection as low, with primitive melee weapons capable of penetrating armor. Many different pieces of equipment and cloth can be added to the standard Stormtrooper uniform.

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