Der Clone Trooper Commander Fox

Der Clone Trooper Commander Fox

Commander Fox Helmet

Commander Fox, also known as CC-1010, was a highly skilled clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. As the leader of the Coruscant Guard, Commander Fox was responsible for maintaining law and order on the capital planet of the Galactic Republic.

What were Commander Fox's key responsibilities?

Commander Fox's primary duty was to protect the Supreme Chancellor and other high-ranking officials on Coruscant. He was tasked with maintaining security and ensuring the safety of the capital city. With his keen tactical skills and unwavering loyalty, Commander Fox was a vital asset in the fight against the Separatist forces.

How did Commander Fox stand out among other clone troopers?

Commander Fox was known for his distinctive red markings on his armor, which set him apart from other clone troopers. His unique appearance symbolized his leadership role within the Coruscant Guard. In addition to his striking appearance, Commander Fox was highly disciplined and efficient, making him an exemplary soldier.

What were Commander Fox's notable achievements?

Throughout the Clone Wars, Commander Fox played a crucial role in maintaining order on Coruscant. He successfully thwarted numerous assassination attempts on the Supreme Chancellor and ensured the safety of key Republic figures. His dedication and bravery earned him the respect of his fellow clone troopers and the citizens of Coruscant.

How did Commander Fox's story end?

Tragically, Commander Fox's loyalty to the Republic was exploited by Emperor Palpatine, who had secretly orchestrated the rise of the Galactic Empire. In the aftermath of Order 66, Commander Fox received an order to execute Jedi Master Fives, who had uncovered the truth about the inhibitor chips implanted in the clone troopers. Despite his reservations, Commander Fox followed the order and gunned down Fives.

Commander Fox's story serves as a reminder of the complex moral dilemmas faced by the clone troopers during the Clone Wars. While he was a dedicated soldier, his unwavering loyalty ultimately led to tragic consequences.


Commander Fox was a loyal and efficient clone trooper who played a vital role in maintaining order on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. His distinctive appearance and unwavering dedication set him apart from his fellow clone troopers. While his story ended in tragedy, Commander Fox's legacy as a skilled soldier and protector of the Republic lives on.

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